Bus Carrying UPSI Students Topples Over, 11 Wounded

source: Utusan

Last night (9 Nov) at 8:38pm, Twitter user Mohd Redzuan Abdul Manap (@redzuanNewsMPB), reported that a bus carrying Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) students was involved in a horrific crash.

The incident took place at Tanjung Malim during a journey back to the student’s dorms. Authorities were alerted of the crash sometime around 7:03pm.

Reports revealed that about 60 UPSI students were in the bus at the time of the incident with 11 of the passengers, including the driver, suffering from minor injuries and are currently being treated at Hospital Slim River.

See the tweet below:

source: Twitter

One netizen was quick to express her relief that nobody got seriously injured. While several other commenters pointed out how it was odd how 60 passengers were able to ride in a bus meant for 40 people.

Another user who assumedly has been in the same position as the students, pointed out that shuttle buses are meant to travel in short distances to reach multiple stops and many students often opt to stand in such trips.

20-year-old student Tunku Nur Soleha Tunku Badruzzaman who was present on the bus explained how she had just finished chatting with her friends when all of a sudden – the crash happened.

source: Al Hijrah Online

“Suddenly it felt like the bus was swerving while I heard the sound of it braking abruptly. I tried moving towards the front of the bus but hit my head on a chair, thankfully with only minor injuries.”

Another student who only wishes to be known as ‘Wina’, 20, said that she was squeezed at the time of impact and was also lunged into a chair herself, causing a few bruises on her body.

“While I’m still in shock that the accident happened, I’m thankful that I only received minor injuries” said Wina in an interview with Harian Metro.

source: Harian Metro

We give major props to the abe2 bomba and police who arrived on the scene to assist all the victims.

Always remember to be safe on the road y’all!