WATCH: Netizens React To “Iron Lady” Changing Lightbulbs On Top Of Petronas Twin Towers

source: Beautiful Nara

Videos of a Malaysian woman changing light bulbs atop The KLCC Twin Towers went viral all over social media just recently.

In the aerial footage shot by a drone, the lady is seen in full safety gear preparing to replace the tower’s outdated floodlights’ lightbulbs.

Just by watching the video, I’m pretty sure we can all see how perilous of a profession it is to be a technician for the Twin Towers.

Meet Maya Sidek (pictured above), a ‘Rope Access Technician’ and ‘Non-Destructive Testing Technician’ for the KLCC Twin Towers.

Despite the dangerous nature of her job, she remained calm and collected throughout the entire process of changing the bulbs.

source: Hype MY

Netizens have dubbed her the ‘Iron Lady’ because many have attributed her as an extremely brave individual for taking up such a high-risk career.

Maya, who is also a mother and wife has definitely earned our respect amongst countless netizens.