Local University Student Poses Casually On Flipped Myvi After Accident

source: Kosmo!

When you’re caught in a bad situation, for the most part it’s always best to keep a cool head, which is exactly what this local university student did after being involved in a horrific accident.

As seen in the photo above, the student – only known as Syadad, was making a really sharp turn near Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) before his gold Perodua Myvi flipped over.

Instead of freaking out, Syadad proceeded to whip out his phone to take a photo on his overturned Myvi as a reminder to all Malaysians on the road to be more careful.

He then uploaded said photo onto his TikTok account; @syadad10 with the caption “End of Oct dumb”. While Syadad’s car was pretty banged up, we’re happy to report that he was unscathed for the most part.

Eventually Syadad’s golden king of the highway (Myvi) was towed and he managed to stop by the clinic for a checkup.

Netizens were in complete awe of Syadad’s Confucian like zen-ness in what could’ve been a really devastating situation (so are we!)

All jokes aside, we’re very thankful that nobody was hurt in the accident and wish Syadad’s king of the highway a speedy recovery.

And remember everyone, drive safely at all times!