Woman Names Daughter ‘Siti Noor Banjiriah’ After Giving Birth During a Flood

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(source: OhBulan!)

According to Astro Awani, a baby was born during a flood in South Kalimantan, Indonesia, and she was named Siti Noor Banjiriah.

While we often hear babies pop out from their mothers in cars and aeroplanes, Ernawati surprisingly gave birth to Banjiriah while she was on a boat during a flood. Hence, the newborn’s name that comes from the word ‘banjir’ which means flood.

She said that she felt contractions kick in while she was at home and was immediately met with two midwives who helped her get on a boat to go to a nearby hospital. At the time of the incident, the village had been hit by severe flooding for a week, and there were no available transportation methods except boats.

(source: BuzzKini)

While they were still on the boat, she felt the baby crowning before her water broke. The midwives had no choice but to assist with the birth.

To commemorate the rather interesting event, the parents decided to name their daughter, Siti Noor Banjiriah. It was reported that the baby weighed a healthy 3.3kg, with a height of 50cm and Ernawati is also in a healthy condition.

Welp, at least she wasn’t given a Covid-19 themed name like Sanitiser or Lockdown. We wish Banjiriah a happy life!

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