This M’sian Good Samaritan Adopted a Newborn Baby That Was Abandoned Near His House

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What was supposed to be another normal and relaxing morning had suddenly turned into a shocking tragedy when a newborn baby was found in a box beside the road at Ampang.

Pubalan Bala, a home-cooked food caterer who was on his way out the house for work, had heard crying sounds coming from a nearby box. When he checked it, he had found a baby with a satin cloth inside its mouth and a string around its neck. At the same time, it was also covered with wet leaves.

Luckily, when the ambulance arrived, the paramedics deemed the baby to be just fine and healthy. As an act of kindness, Bala has even agreed to adopt the baby as his third child after a report has been made. It is also believed that the baby has been on the premises of the neighbourhood since 3 am.

Baby dumping in Malaysia has been never-ending, as cases seem to pop-up at least a few times in a year. With that, according to Malaysia’s former Women, Family and Community Development Minister, Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, in The Asean Post, an estimated amount of 10,000 babies have been dumped since 2010 until May 2o19.

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