Angry Wife Deep-Fries Husband’s Arowana Fish After He Forgets To Clean The Aquarium

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What’s the quickest and most effective way to get back at someone for not following your instructions?

According to this Indonesian woman, it’s to deep-fry their pet fish.

The Arowana fish is known to be one of the most highly-coveted fishes in the world since it’s nearly extinct in the wild.

Having metallic-looking dragon-esque scales, the fish is not only beautiful but an absolute savage predator in its natural habitat as well.

But no Arowana – domesticated or wild – could win in a match against a wronged wife.

@miakurniawan01goreng arwana😁#fyp♬ Singkong & Keju Cover – akhmal.dniel

Tik Tok user @miakurniawan01 uploaded a video of her deep-frying her husband’s pet Arowana after he had broken his promise to clean the aquarium.

The clip shows her removing its scales, seasoning it and putting it into hot oil before serving it to her husband.

Since the fish is known to be incredibly expensive, flushing it down the toilet would equate to flushing up to $300,000 (RM1,250,940). Try not to have that on your conscience.

Commenters were curious as to how her husband would react to the shocking seafood spread but the response was quite anticlimactic. Mia simply said that her husband was sad but decided to laugh it off.

Well, that’s what you get when you don’t follow instructions given to you by your wife. Let’s hope they don’t get a terrapin as their next pet.

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