Why your Money is worthless: Malaysian Capitalism Reexamine

Remember when we could survive on RM50 a week? Nowadays it’s barely enough to cover a day. So why is it that our Ringgit-purchasing power has fallen like Sherlock at the end of Season 2? Why is it that the cost of living is killing us all? Is trickle down economics really pissing on those at the bottom? Is the world really ready for a Marxist revolution? And how will all these questions of economic inequalities play out during Malaysia’s upcoming general elections?

These questions and more will be discuss and explored further with Elsa Lafaye de Micheaux, E. Terence Gomez, Jomo KS and others during the public debate organised by SIRD Gerakbudaya and the Institut Pondok Perancis, Kuala Lumpur.

Interrogating Malaysian Capitalism : Malaysia’s Economy in Comparative Perspective is a forum that will be set at Kuala Lumpur And Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall this coming Friday 12 January ’18 at 8pm. The panelists will debate the role of the state, institutions and large corporations, including government-linked companies.

We know that this can be quite a heavy topic for your Friday night but we, as part of society, should be informed on important issues such as this.

If The Last Jedi taught us anything it is that we don’t need anymore heroes dying for us but leaders who will guide us to a better future. Treat this as part of your Padawan Trials.