Get Ready to Laugh Your Guts Out, Cause Kenny Sebastian is Coming to Malaysia

This witty Indian comedian is no laughing matter. He has written and hosted an entire season of a show in Comedy Central, he is Buzzfeed’s No. 1 Young Indian of 2016, and he has done over 500 shows in the last five years. Who’s laughing now?


Not only is he funny, but he is also multi-talented; having dabbled with painting, film and music in his previous works before he realised that stand-up was his true calling. Although he’s come so far, and this is obviously just the beginning, his keen observation and understanding of his surroundings during his life in India has definitely come to his advantage, especially when it comes to delivering his punch lines.

Check out one of his popular stand-ups down below!

Aside from that, Kenny has also released a one hour stand up comedy special on YouTube called, ‘Journey To The Center Of My Brain’, which makes him one of the first Indian comedians to do so. His 30-minute comedy special, ‘Insides-Out’ received almost a million views on YouTube and he’s also created a sci-fi web series ‘Star Boyz’ with fellow comedian Naveen Richard.

So, ready to kick off 2018 on a high note? Click here to purchase your tickets and check out his website if you want to get know him better.

Also, head over to his YouTube channel to entertain yourselves before the show.