T.H.E.M Exhibits Humans and Their Mental Health as Works of Art

What exactly is this? Think of an art exhibition, but the artworks are the people.

The Human Exhibit is a new performance art that I’M Entertainment is exploring and mental health is the theme they’ve decided to tackle for their first installation, curated by Ian Nathaniel and Dhinesha. You’re invited to partake in this journey and observe the different representations of certain mental illnesses plaguing a good percentage of the society.

This conceptual exhibition will attempt to portray each of the mental illnesses in the form of dance, spoken word, dialogue, scene, movement, and more. Each room (i.e. kitchen, toilet, dressing room, etc.) of the venue, Twenty20Two, will be used as the stage of each performance of the show.

The Human Exhibit aims to raise awareness for mental health and abolish the stigma attached to those who are suffering these illness as part of the Instagram and Facebook movement Dear Mental Health (#DearMentalHealth).

Each cycle is limited to 15 people. So don’t waste time and go book yourself a cycle.

Purchase tickets through Peatix here, and follow event updates here.