WATCH: This Traveloka CNY Ad Will Have You In Tears

Who’s crying? I’m not crying. Someone’s cutting onions when I was watching the video. *continues crying for 30 minutes*

Traveloka’s new short video for Chinese New Year really gets to me. In less than three minutes, it gave me all the feels that I needed for a festivity about celebrating life and family.

To promote the spirit of Chinese New Year and their best deals for Southeast Asian trips, Traveloka posted a video on Facebook about a single mother who takes her son all over the world before school… in the back of her cute taxi. The video’s tagline says it all:

“This Chinese New Year, we would love for you to wander the world with someone who means the world to you.”

*okay get some tissues now…

It’s alright, take your time. Crying is normal for people who have a heart. Are you done? Cool. I really love the whole theme behind the video, and how the characters give a really strong impact despite any real dialog. All the feels, man. All the feels.


In the spirit of Chinese New Year, let’s celebrate our family and friends, especially the strong mamas out there hustlin’ so that we can have a better chance at life.

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