Paper Boi is Back in Atlanta Season 2

Um, it’s got the gang chilling with a Komodo Dragon.


Tim De Cotta Shares the One Reason Why the World Has Gone Insane

“Profitable Armageddon,” as a lyric goes on Tim’s album The Warrior.

Pop Culture

Watch What Happens When a Girl Accidentally Writes Letter to Satan Instead of Santa

This unlikely tale is narrated by the great Sir Patrick Stewart.


10 Reasons Why Kids Should Learn about Sex from this Cartoon

Where was Big Mouth when we were pimply teens?

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VIDEO: A First Look at Ocean’s 8 Trailer, feat. Everyone’s Fave Badass Chicks Under One Roof

Woke internet’s abuzz, and misogynists are probably angry on 4chan and Reddit.

Pop Culture

VIDEO: Halloween Might be Over, But Monsters Still Lurk Thanks to Crypt TV

If you aren’t aware of what or who is Crypt TV, trust us, you should.


Time Travelling Batman Fights Joker in Japan… Konnichiwa, Batman Ninja!

A full length anime film starring Ba-to-man!