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Veganism Gone Wrong: On This Farm, You’re the Meat

Seeing a whole roasted human being isn’t exactly fun.


Ryan Reynolds Showed Up As a Singing Unicorn in Korea

We cannot brain this…

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Surprise! Rick And Morty Will Get 70 More Adventures on Adult Swim

Say Morty, ya wanna *burp* go on more adventures?

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These Avengers Inspired “Toys” Are a Comic Geek’s Dream Kink

Infinity War? More like Pleasure War.

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Rick And Morty Visited My Little Pony During Their Multiverse Trip

Say, Morty, you wanna turn yourself into a Pony? *burps*

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This Century Old Image Proves Memes Have Been Around For A Long Time

Could this be the first ever documented meme?

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Here’s Everything You Need to Know About Deadpool

A brief history of the ‘Merc with a Mouth’.

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5 Marvel Characters That Are Stronger Than Thanos

For you noobs who think Thanos is the most powerful.