WATCH: This Monkey Went on a Selfie-Spree After Stealing a Phone From A M’sian Man’s House!

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(source: Malay Mail)

In this episode of monkey business: A Malaysian man who lost his phone at home, found it back in a nearby jungle and was surprised to see that the unlikely perpetrator – yes, it’s a monkey – has taken tonnes of pictures on it!

Twitter user, @Zackrydz shared on the social media platform that he thought his phone had been stolen while he was sleeping at home a few days ago. Upon searching for it all over the house, it became odd that he only found the phone’s casing.

He wrote, “It’s impossible to say there was a break-in as all the stuff inside my house are still there and there are no signs of anyone having broken in. And if it was stolen by a thief, why would the thief leave the casing under the bed and take off with the phone?”

Recently, he tried using the remote location phone tracking app but it was a dead end. Still determined, Zackrydz decided to just call and search for his phone independently. After two days of going around different locations, he went to a nearby jungle, called the phone and to his amazement – he found it!

“I checked my phone’s gallery and found out my phone was ‘stolen’ by a monkey. I didn’t know there was a monkey living in my housing area but damn you monkey, you’ve made my life miserable for the past couple of days,” he said, adding that he even tried to catch the ‘thief’ by luring it with another phone but the suspect didn’t show up.

The monkey thief even took the chance to showcase its photography skills and beautiful face by taking photos and videos of itself and some trees – truly living the life!

Take a look: 

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