M’sian Designer Creates Punk-Inspired Tee That Reminds Us of ‘Animal Farm’

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left: A design by @sitidanger / right: An Animal Farm book cover design

What happens when you extract political disputes and inject it into art? Well, you get something as timeless, impactful and significant as George Orwell’s novel, Animal Farm.

Adapted into various films and plays across the world including in Malaysia, assigned in class as obligatory-reading, and listed as one of the ‘books to read before you die’, Animal Farm is the epitome of how art can shape the world. So, it’s no surprise that youths today are still being inspired by the messages and themes of the story, even without realising it.

source: @sitidanger on Twitter

21-year-old artist, Siti, recently created a collection of designs which Orwell fans will immediately recognise as an homage to the source material. However, during JUICE’s quick chat with the artist, we discovered that she had never even heard of Animal Farm, let alone been inspired by it. Maybe this is a testament to just how spot-on Orwell’s vision was to compare the brutality of humans to that of farm animals.

Despite the similarity in theme, Siti’s designs are purely unique to her own art style.

source: @sitidanger on Twitter

Heavily influenced by punk rock, Siti believes in “radically speaking up against issues like police brutality, class war and other similar topics that need highlighting in our current society.” Her passion is clear in her art, which depicts the rough, raw and sometimes ugly reflection of a corrupt and overindulgent society.

source: @sitidanger on Instagram and Twitter

Being a young artist, Siti is currently selling her pieces for pocket money, as she’s currently still a student. Her items range from tote bags, tee-shirts and good ol’ sketches which you can purchase by messaging her on Twitter and Instagram.

Her Animal Farm-esque tees are priced at RM30 for pre-order and RM40 for ready stock.

She is also accepting commissions from anyone who is interested in utilising her outsider-style. Her latest release will be a collection of tote bags titled, “Eat The Rich!”

Now that’s a designer I advise you not to mess with!