Elderly M’sian Cobbler Inspires Netizens To Share Heartfelt Stories About Their Experiences With Him

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Having a business during the coronavirus pandemic can be tough, however, it’s in tough times like these where our #KitaJagaKita spirit matters the most.

Recently, an elderly Malaysian cobbler living in Medan Gopeng, Perak had gone viral on social media after Twitter user, @ausmeshi shared the man’s heartfelt life story.

According to his tweet, the cobbler named Osman had been repairing shoes for the past 10 years. After his wife died and he has no offspring, he sold all his property and decided to live in a zinc shack on wheels as he continues his cobbler business.

Osman’s small 4-wall shack does not have a plumbing system. When asked how he takes his showers, he stated that a considerate shop owner allows him to use their bathroom facilities.

The Twitter user had recently met Osman after dropping his pair of Reebok sneakers for repair. Osman’s shop can be hard to find but a noticeable landmark would be the Megoplex mall in Ipoh.

Osman’s store doesn’t carry a fancy sign but only a simple banner which reads “Menjahit Kasut, Sahaja Di Sini” or “Shoe Repair Available Here”. Although it might not be much, Osman’s service is the best which @ausmeshi can attest to in his honest review in the following tweet.

Osman has been a familiar face for the locals around the area. The tweet has now garnered over 10k retweets and 8.5k likes with many netizens coming out to share their great experience with Osman and how he has finally achieved the recognition he deserves.

This story definitely makes us take a step back to think about how many other people we have crossed paths with but never truly stopped to ask how they were doing.

Despite Osman’s tragic loss and old age, he still soldiers on and provides kindness and excellent service to everyone around him. We hope that he is happy in what he does because the people he has encountered were definitely happy to have him around.