Don’t Leave Your Furry Friends at Home… Take Them With You To These Pet-Friendly Hotels

JUICE Editor, Ben Liew’s, pupper Bowie wondering why his dad is playing COD at home and not editing articles at work.

During the early days of the pandemic, many Malaysians were stuck at home, listening to the incessant ticking of the clock, wondering when we would be free to travel again while annoying our pets in-between Zoom meetings.

With the recent lift of the MCO and the loosening of travel regulations, local tourism is coming alive again and it’s time to hit the road for some R&R! However, we can’t be selfish and forget our furry friends who have been keeping us company during these trying times.

Personally, my cat and I have gotten to know each other very well since he’s been my partner while I watch Netflix ’till the break of dawn. Now, thinking of leaving him at home while I travel the country just seems wrong.

I mean, look at him… Who would want to leave that cute little face behind?

My old dude Mixy telling me to stop watching Modern Family for 18 hours straight.

Well, the good news is I don’t have to since there are many Malaysian hotels that are currently pet-friendly.

So, without further ado, let’s give a shout-out to these cool spots that allow us to bring along the sole reason why we aren’t insane.

1. The Dusun

source: Trip Advisor

Oh so you like going for a swim? Have you ever asked your dog if it’d like to go with you?

This gorgeous resort tucked within the lush trees and striking green scenery of Seremban is the perfect spot for you and your adventurous buddy. With a beautiful pool that overlooks the forest, it will make for a great visual and holistic experience – that is if your dog/cat is embarking on a spiritual journey of course.

source: Trip Advisor

Even if they aren’t, the resort acts as a sanctuary away from the bustling city and it’s only a short distance away from KL. Pet owners have deemed this place as the perfect getaway because the accommodations are not only beautiful, but the resort also offers delicious and halal food at their restaurant.

Most reviewers suggest a short but sweet 2 days 1 night stay since the price is a little up there. However, the fresh breeze and traditional layout will surely make up for it.

Check out The Dusun here.

2. Ruby’s Resort


Are you interested in a quaint home away from home?

Then the chalets at Ruby’s Resort, Cherating is the perfect spot for you and your pet. Not only is it a tranquil yet simplistic stay, but it’s also close to the beach where you and your pet can roam and pretend you’re Noah and Allie from The Notebook. “If you’re a dog, I’m a dog!”

Similar to the previous entry, this resort requires you to be extra attentive to your pet since they will not provide any of their requirements such as blankets, towels or drinking/food bowls. So, make sure to pack your furry friend’s needs!


At the moment, the spot is almost devoid of any visitors which makes for the most peaceful and private experience. Not only that, the beach is well taken care of so you don’t have to worry about your pets possibly stepping on anything harmful or ingesting unwanted items, even though they tend to do that even when they’re at home…

So, if you’re looking for an inexpensive getaway near the beach with your bitches (sorry, I had to), make sure to check out Ruby’s Resort.

For a closer look, click here.

3. Amazing Feel in Plassid

source: Airbnb

Yes, this gorgeous place is pet-friendly!

Seremban seems to be the hotspot for pet-friendly hotels because Amazing Feel in Plassid is also located in the capital of Negeri Sembilan. Judging by the greenery, it’s no wonder why this state is the home for such wonderful locations.

source: Agoda

Equipped with a serene private jacuzzi pool overlooking the mountains and forest, the villa in Plassid is perfect for your pet if they lean towards the shyer type. There’s even a long table nearby so you can have a picnic with friends (and if you have no human ones, that’s okay too!).

Unlike the other entries, the villa is actually an Airbnb, but don’t worry the host is known to be extremely friendly. The maintenance of the wooden interior and exterior is also well-kept and the beds have mosquito nets just in case these pesky insects decide to encroach your space and your vibe.

For more info on Amazing Feel in Plassid, click here.

4. Noordin Mews

source: Trip Advisor

Located in culturally rich Georgetown, Penang, Noordin Mews is everything a pet owner would want for their special, furry friend.

Sadly, that inviting swimming pool is not the kind your pet could dive into since it’s for human guests only (boo!) but the amount of sunshine and space the hotel offers will definitely perk your pet up. With ample room for your pets to roam, this hotel is especially made for pets of all sizes to scratch that curious itch of theirs.

source: Qantas

The restaurant serves amazing Nyonya food and they allow your pet to sit in on the meal. And if they’re lucky (or in other words, if you haven’t eaten all of the food yourself), they can even have a taste of the delicious food.

Since it’s located nearby many tourist attractions, you can take your pup or cat for a stroll as well.

Here’s a closer look at the hotel.

5. Your Secret Tropical Hideaway

source: Airbnb

For all you urbanites out there, here’s a pet-friendly hotel for you!

This Airbnb in Ampang is the closest you’ll get to feeling at home, but in an elevated and luxe setting. Only a few minutes away from KL, it’s impressive how this hideaway manages to preserve a sense of peace and tranquility despite its close proximity to such a busy city.

source: Airbnb

The main attraction of this quaint Airbnb is definitely the private pool where you can take a dip with your furry friend. However, if you don’t have a cute pup with you, there’s even a resident dog assigned to the place, just to make sure you’re safe and good.

For those looking to destress, having to look for food outside your accommodations might disturb your vibe which is why YSTH offers a complimentary breakfast that reviewers deem as delicious and hearty. But, if you’re feeling frisky, you can even cook up your own meals and suntan at the verandah right after.

So, if you’re interested you can definitely check it out here.

6. Bao Sheng Durian Farm

source: Penang Foodie

Anybody craving for durians but don’t wanna leave your pet at home so you can feast? No worries, this little homestay in Penang is perfect for you and your pup!

Abundant with greenery and durians, visitors are able to stroll their orchard and have a pick at their finest fruits. Not only can you devour the King of Fruits but you can also feast on other native produces available at the orchard. They even offer you free durian upon arrival! Is this heaven?

source: Trip Advisor

The outdoorsy experience will obviously come hand-in-hand with a fresh breeze, quaint huts and even a private pool for those wanting to cool off from all the stress you felt during the pandemic. Plus, your dogs will definitely appreciate your newfound carefree demeanour after the experience.

You can also take the load off by chilling at their restaurants that serve fresh coconut juice and delicious local treats like nasi lemak. But, if you’re planning to stay here (or anywhere else on the list, tbh) please make sure to pick up after your pet in order to preserve the staycation’s cleanliness. It’s the least you could do for the people who have provided such a peaceful getaway for you and your furkid.

To check it out, click here.


“Mana makanan aku, hooman?” is probably what JUICE Writer, Ammar’s rascals Oreo and Manja are thinking right now.

As a gentle reminder, there are still regulations for pet owners to make sure their pets are free from ticks/fleas, well-groomed and well-trained in order to ensure a safe environment for other pets who will be lodging the facility.

It’s our responsibility to not only make it a fun experience for ourselves but for other pet lovers too!