WATCH: This Kadazan Animated Film is Perfect For Fans of ‘Avatar The Last Airbender’ & ‘Primal’

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Malaysia has added many titles to our roster of locally-made animated films, so much so that some of them have even gone on to stream internationally.

However, while we hear of animated films from the Peninsula, we don’t celebrate enough of the gems created in East Malaysia.

Most notably, the Kadazan short animated film, Legend of Ancient Borneo is worth all the praise and admiration it has garnered since its release.

Thrilling, action-packed, vibrant and even tearjerking, Legend of Ancient Borneo is a tale of bravery, sacrifice and humility.

It follows four protagonists who have inherited what seems like superpowers after their village was blessed by the Sacred Dragon Skull, an ancient relic that was passed down for generations.

The dark clouds that once engulfed the village had cleared to reveal cotton candy-coloured skies, lush greenery and thriving farm life.

When everything seemed to be going well, a gang of reptiles attacked the village and stole the precious relic, causing the four protagonists to embark on a scenic adventure across rivers, swamps and mountains to retrieve it and bring peace back to their home.

Being a massive lover of Avatar The Last Airbender and Primal, I could see many ways in which Legend of Ancient Borneo reminds me of the two.

Combing the gorgeous yet rustic art style of Primal with the endearing and childlike innocence of Avatar, the Kadazan-made short film is a perfect blend of the two that is bound to stun you with its impeccable storytelling and kinetic visuals.

Don’t just take my word for it, watch it yourself and also take a gander at the slew of awards it has won:

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