This Girl Animated Her Very Own K-Drama And It’s The Most Heartwarming Video Ever

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(Source:@Alishamustafar on Twitter)

Watching a lot of K-dramas has its effects. One of them includes daydreaming out of reality and into a whole new imaginary world where you would be the main protagonist, waiting for that hero who will sweep you off your feet.

Since most of us live in the real world (most of the time), this alternate reality is difficult to come by. That’s why 20-year-old Alisha Mustafar, a graduate from matriculation pursuing a degree in software engineering, has crafted her very own K-drama plot into a one-minute animation.

The animation follows the story of high school sweethearts who are now married, and the video depicts their everyday life. Her recent video titled “EP 2: Days before our marriage” features a cute short clip of the male character inviting Alisha out to eat Shabu Shabu. In a conversation with JUICE, Alisha revealed that the boy in the video actually represented Jeon Wonwoo from K-pop group, Seventeen.

In our chat, we found out that Alisha has been drawing ever since she was a child. She then began making mini-comic serials with her brother.

For the inspiration behind this heartwarming animation, she simply said that most of her ideas come from either watching K-dramas or listening to a good song where she will then imagine a scene.

According to Alisha, it took her a week to finish the animation but she’s not stopping there. She’s currently working on the next episode as we speak and we personally can’t wait to see what she has up her sleeve.