‘Upin & Ipin’ Extends It International Presence, Now Streaming on Netflix UK & Australia

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Upin and Ipin roped in to promote Malaysian products | Free Malaysia Today (FMT)
source: FMT

These two bald-headed twins are probably the most recognisable children in Malaysia since they’re the main characters of the titular hit animated series, Upin & Ipin.

The series is so well-engrained in local pop culture that there have been arguments surrounding the characters and their antics on the show before.

We all scratched our heads when a handful of netizens wanted to cancel Fizi, the twins’ friend that said heaven did not exist for motherless people, as well as chastise the kid’s show for being “too sexy”, but it just shows how much of an impact the show has on us Malaysian viewers.

Apparently, the show is such a major hit that it’s even been picked up by Netflix UK and Australia.

Alasan Saya Nggak Pernah Bosan sama Upin Ipin – Terminal Mojok
source: Mojok

According to Les’ Copaque Production marketing manager, Karya Budi Mohd Aris, he saw the offer as justification that Upin & Ipin is indeed a high-quality and well-loved production. In an interview with Berita Harian, he said,

“We’re proud that Netflix UK and Australia wants to stream our work on their platform. This proves that our work is of high-quality and that it reaches the international standard. It also shows that our story surrounding Upin & Ipin can be appreciated wherever even though we created it within the Malaysian context.”

While we’re not sure if Upin & Ipin is the first local animated series that has been picked up by international Netflix platforms, the fact still stands that this is a great achievement for the local production company and Malaysians in general.

Getting to share our work with other countries is definitely something to be proud of, especially if that work includes a pair of loveable twins.

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