WATCH: Oyen Uses All the Best Cat’s Tricks to Get This Bus Driver to Take It to KLCC

source: Apai Wanakashie (Facebook)

The consensus is that the most chaotic breed of cats, the ones we call ‘Oyens‘ will do whatever it takes to get what they want. Who’s gonna stop? Not us, probably.

Now, a video circulating online has caught the attention of netizens, where one of the ginger-coloured did its best to persuade a RapidKL to drive, even to the point of having a full-on conversation.

In the Facebook video posted by Apai Wanakashie, the cat enters the bus and the driver asks, “Encik Oyen, nak pergi mana?” (“Mr Oyen, where would you like to go?”)

source: Apai Wanakashie (Facebook)

The Oyen properly responds to the question with a meow, and apparently, it wants to go to KLCC. The bus driver tells it that KLCC has already been closed.

When an Oyen wants something, it does the best it can to get it. In the video, the cat persists and goes inside anyway, prompting the driver to shout, “Eh pas awak mana? Awak tak scan.” (“Eh, where’s your pass? You haven’t scan yet.”)

source: Apai Wanakashie (Facebook)

The mischief continues inside, where Apai is bewitched by cats’ secret and oldest trick in the world – just being all out manja in hopes that its cuteness will work, which of course, it does.

After a few attempts to get the cat to leave by patting it, and a whole lot of giggles, the Oyen decides to leave the man in peace and heads out. Apai assures that he gave the cat and its buddies some treats.

source: Apai Wanakashie (Facebook)

RapidKL shared the cute story on its official Facebook page on 15 February, adding that if the abang bus won’t take it to KLCC, the Oyen can try riding the LRT.

Oyens, what can you do about them? Give ’em pats and affection I guess.