This Malaysian Cat Has Been Visiting Her Owner’s Grave Every Day For The Past Two Years

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source: Hazlynn Nozi

To be completely honest with you, I absolutely sobbed when I found out about this Kelantan cat that has been visiting his owner’s grave every day for the past two years.

The story was shared on Facebook group Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia, where Hazlynn Nozi tells the story of Nana, her late father’s loyal cat.

“It’s been two years since he passed. But from the first day until today, Nana has been visiting dad’s grave every morning,” she wrote in the post.

source: Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia (Facebook)

After her father passed away, Nana lost some weight in the first few months because of poor appetite, Hazlynn said in an interview with Malay Mail.

“She was better after three months and started eating normally but she would also linger around where dad spent time – like on the swing which was dad’s favourite spot or even on his old car,” said Hazlynn.

Hazlynn also shared that other than Nana, her father was always fond of cats and took care of many of them, “but 6-year-old Nana had a special bond with dad. She was extremely close to him.”

source: Hazlynn Nozi

She explained that her dad, who was a retired teacher would feed Nana in the morning every day before going to the mosque. Now, Nana spends her mornings either sitting next to or sleeping near her father’s grave.

“The grave is behind the mosque, and the mosque is next to our house. Every time she comes back home to ask for food, her paws would be wet with morning dew from the grave,” she said.

Many Malaysians on social media were touched by the story because Nana the orange cat shows what loyalty and unconditional love is.

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