WATCH: M’sian Shares Hilarious Video of a Curious Cat That Gets Bitten by a Daring ‘Cicak’

(source: @FXTVT Twitter)

It seems like a cat and a lizard in one spot is a perfect recipe for disaster. These reptiles are tiny, they move, and… BITE! But that doesn’t defer most felines who haven’t entirely given up on their wild instincts.

Recently, a Malaysian Twitter-user, @FXTVT posted up a 25-second clip of a curious cat spotting a “cicak kobeng” on a bush and trying to play with it. To the kitty’s surprise, the lizard was not having it and decided to attack by biting the cat’s nose!

While we’re pretty sure that that cat wasn’t seriously harmed, the video is hilarious especially with the music that tied perfectly with the cat’s reaction. Watch it here:

Many netizens also found the clip amusing – take a look: