KL Cake Artist Creates an Edible Birkin Bag

Source: South China Morning Post)

Talented KL born, Liew Man Kwan has been known for her spectacular baking and artistry skills in making customised three-dimensional sculpted cakes. The owner of her own business, PassioNate Cakes by LMK, she has passion in making the ideas in her head come alive through her cakes and even conduct workshops to share her knowledge on crafting beautiful cakes.

Owner of PassioNate Cakes, Liew Man Kwan on the right. (Source: PassioNate Cakes by LMK’s Facebook Page)

Recently, she made a cake which looked exactly like the so called ‘rarest handbag in the world’- The Hermès Himalaya Birkin Bag. It’s described as such because it’s apparently every woman’s dream to own this bag as its material is remarkable.

The name, Himalaya comes from the gradation of the colour of the bag which is smoky gray and fades into pearly white because it depicts the snow-capped Himalayas. Although if you’ve actually been to the Himalayas, you’d know that depicting its beauty is an impossible, more so on a handbag donned by the rich and powerful.

(Source: PassioNate Cakes by LMK’s Facebook Page)

The bag is so exquisite that only a few of them have every been crafted, namely for top clients and costing a whacking RM1.51 million each. Hmm… wonder if Rosmah has one…

(Source: PassioNate Cakes by LMK’s Facebook Page)

The cake that was made by Liew is so realistic that someone might mistakenly steal it, thinking it’s the real McCoy. She nailed every detail of it right down to the texture, shading and even the iconic padlock ornament.

(Source: PassioNate Cakes by LMK’s Facebook Page)

The owner of PassioNate Cakes, made sure that the whole cake was 100 percent edible without housing any extra jewellery to depict the original bag but instead used plain ol’ sponge and chocolate ganache, while the exterior is moulded from fondant.

Checkout the inside of the handbag-cake in the vid below..

So would you prefer an expensive showpiece to lug around your shoulder, or this swag af cake? Don’t forget to check out Liew’s other creations…

(Source: PassioNate Cakes by LMK’s Facebook Page)
(Source: PassioNate Cakes by LMK’s Facebook Page)

… on her Facebook and Instagram to be mind-blown by her talent.