WATCH: Malaysia’s favourite Raja Bomoh is Here To Save Us From Covid-19

Raja Bomoh buat comeback guys! Get the fancams ready!


For years, this selfless shaman has been shielding Malaysians from floods, natural disasters and other calamities. He first rose to fame when he performed a spectacle of a ritual at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport to locate the missing MH370 plane. He even went to jail for his sacrifices, like a true fighter. Now, he heard our calls for help and has generously decided to perform a ritual to protect us from Covid-19.

Not only is he protecting us, he is also dishing out tips and tricks for those overseas who want to shield themselves from the virus. His bountiful knowledge is definitely something to be shared with the world… Someone send this video to the UN!

In the video, Raja Bomoh scans a globe with what seems to be the cardboard from a toilet paper roll (ohh, so that’s why toilet paper is sold out lah?) as he recites a few incantations that basically plead with God to allow safety and health for the whole world.

He then begins to sprinkle bird seeds (?) so the Malaysians stuck in other countries can “fly away and cross the borders”. That makes sense because birds fly so of course humans can fly too, kan?


In all seriousness, I think this whole debacle is hilarious and entertaining to watch. Raja Bomoh somehow manages to lift a little bit of tension from every situation he inserts himself into.

Despite the ridiculousness, he does recognize the importance of staying at home and cooperating with the restricted movement law. He even acknowledges the integral role of those on the frontlines who are actually sacrificing their lives in order to protect ours. He begs for the government to reward these heroes with proper financial compensation once the disease has died down. Now, that I agree with…

Who you callin? Me or her? (source:

Folks, if we are able to learn anything from this video, it’s that we should stay home and stay sober before Raja Bomoh catches you and hexes you.

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