WATCH: Legendary M’sian Director, Dain Said Helms New Horror Film Starring Bront Palarae

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Showbiz: Dain Said's horror 'Harum Malam' to hit cinemas next year
source: NST

It’s time for Malaysians to eat!

Dain Said is arguably one of the country’s finest directors with numerous cult classics under his belt such as Bunohan, Dukun and Interchange. 

This year, the renowned director will be releasing his latest film, Harum Malam, which is a horror epic starring Malaysian heavyweights, Bront Palarae, Faizal Hussein, Remy Ishak, Nadiya Nisaa and Nabila Huda.

The teaser for the film just dropped and it already promises some goosebump-inducing scares. Check it out below:

The film is set to be released in theatres on February 9 and based on the trailer, the film will follow a possession story with visuals as terrifying as the cult classic horror film, The Exorcist. 

So, for fans of the genre, this movie should definitely make its way onto your watchlist for 2023.

Are you excited to watch Dain Said’s newest addition to his already impressive filmography?