WATCH: Local Duo, The Lounette, Bewitches Us With Their New Haunting Love Song ‘Cherry Wine’

Breakthrough musical duo, The Lounette emerges from the shadows with new chilling single, ‘Cherry Wine’.

Inundated by bubblegum-sweet love songs, it’s nice to take a break from the typical retelling of the same stories with a more haunting depiction of eternal love and loyalty.

The Lounette sticks to what they know best, which is their neo-soul roots, with this current slow-burn song that gradually crescendoes into an orchestrated finale.

The coinciding music video, which is fully supported by The Cultural Economy Development Agency (CENDANA) and MyCreative Ventures under the Indiependent Music Funding Programme, perfectly captures the bewitching atmosphere with a Dukun theme that is bound to leave chills up your spine.

It also helps that the hotel where the video was shot has been whispered to have spirits lurking around, according to a source close to the band.

Watch it below:

What starts off as a technicolour vintage dream quickly turns into an almost hellish nightmare drenched in neon pink and paired by obsidian black traditional attire by the two members of the band.

According to Aqa, the vocalist, “I absolutely hate everything that is too romantic. I wanted something to be off-putting with the track. Something that describes the situation of a real ‘perfect’ relationship. That’s when Fahani [the guitarist] comes in.”

Romantic yet unsettling, ‘Cherry Wine’ is the track for anyone who is sick to death of the overplayed ephemeral hits on the radio.