WATCH: “Diorang Buat Plan Aku Buat History”, Joe Flizzow Represents M’sia on Snoop Dogg’s New Album

(source: First Classe)

Our local rap OG Joe Flizzow has been making waves internationally these past few years, especially in September when the Subang Jaya president posted an IG story of him in a Zoom call with the iconic Snoop Dogg.

Well, now we know what they were teasing…

According to Malay Mail, Joe Flizzow has been personally selected by Snoop himself to be part of Algorithm (The Global Edition) which brings together almost 50 hip-hop and R&B stars in one album.

The album Snoop Dogg: Algorithm (The Global Edition) is an extension of Snoop’s latest album, Snoop Dogg: Algorithm, which features singers from various regions.

Joe was featured on a track titled ‘Alright’ with hip-hop legends Redman and Method Man as well as singer Nefertitti Avani.

“Sharing space in a song with Method Man and Redman introduced by Snoop Dogg is like a dream come true. I think this is one of my dreams come true. My next dream is to feature Snoop Dogg in my latest album, Johan, which will be released next year,” said Joe in an online press conference.

He also stated he was very proud and happy to see the Malaysian flag on the official poster of the album.

“To be honest, he just announced it. He listened to my track ‘Ciao’ featuring Jay Park and MK and he was standing up and dancing to it. When the team gave him a list of artists to work with, Snoop just said that he wants to work with Joe Flizzow,” Joe continued.

According to Snoop Dogg, who is also Def Jam Recordings creative and strategic executive advisor, the album is very personal to him. He is glad to be able to celebrate many talents across generations.

“There are so many talents that we can gather in this album. Various styles of music are featured and it breaks down existing algorithms. Now, this album tells you that no matter how you want to present the rap, it must be able to touch and explain the feelings that should be felt.

“My algorithm will give you a feeling of more than just sound,” added Snoop, who is a 20-time Grammy nominee.

(source: Buzzing Malaysia)

Among the other singers who made up the album are Yung Raja from Singapore, Saay from South Korea, Glan Lewis (Canada), Lani Mo (Sweden), Cory (France) and Mc Zaac (Brazil).