WATCH: Local Rap Group ForceParkBois’ Song ‘Lotus’ Gets Covered By Korean Superstar Jay Park & His H1GHR Music Label

A screencap from the music video for ‘Lotus’ by ForceParkBois. (source: YouTube)

Johor Bahru crew ForceParkBois are blowing up right now, and for good reason.

Hailing from the Taman Daya neighbourhood (from where the group takes their name), the 15-man group has been steady building a discography of trap-rap bangers that are infectious yet unabashedly local.

Despite only being formed around 2018-19, ForceParkBois has already signed a record deal with Warner Music Malaysia, while also pulling off many collaborations with heavyweights of the Malaysian hip-hop scene.

ForceParkBois on the set of their ‘Bless The Force’ music video. (source: Deezer)

ForceParkBois’ influence has even reached Korean shores, with their breakout single ‘Lotus’ getting remixed and covered by none other than Jay Park.

Released on the multi-hyphenated artistes’ H1GHR Music label, the track also features label signees JMIN, JAY B, Park Hyeon-jin, BIG Naughty, TRADE L, Woodie Gochild, and pH-1.

Check it out here:

Park even begins the cypher with a shoutout to ForceParkBois in his verse, giving them a more-than-generous co-sign.

“Respect to FORCEPARKBOIS from Johor Bahru; H1GHR Music, hip-hop, we connected by the booth; I got love for my Southeast Asians; They hate, we fight back, fuck intimidation, we stationed; We flying high like a kite, we unite, Asian pride, roll it up, lotus lotus!”

(source: YouTube)

The H1GHR Music cypher even ends with the Koreans singing the original hook by Nakalness in full Bahasa Malaysia. Now that’s keeping it real.

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