WATCH: Band Depicts Daily Struggles of Middle-Class M’sians in Hilarious & Relatable MV ‘Gaji Sikit’

source: 3 Missed Calls on Bandcamp

Ahh the struggles of the everyday Malaysian… Sakit hati but what to do?

While the minority of us are living it up, jetsetting to tropical islands on honeymoons and holding extravagant events, the majority of Malaysians are struggling to make ends meet during this financially tumultuous pandemic.

Instead of depicting life through a utopian lens, local band 3 Missed Calls decided to take accurate snapshots of the lives of the common folk through their music video, ‘Gaji Sikit’.

Even by the title of the single, we can already nod our heads in agreement.

Watch it below:

Shot using what is assumably a GoPro, the music video takes us through the daily routine of a middle-class Malaysian through the first person POV.

Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, minum kopi, aik gula dah habis… 

This series of unfortunate events sets the tone for just how routinely and sometimes amiss our days can get when we’re too focused on the hustle that we forget to stock up our daily necessities.

In between guitar riffs and raspy singing, we follow the protagonist to his job, which definitely doesn’t pay well since he can’t even afford to have bar of soap in his bathroom, and surprise – his boss is waiting for him with that disapproving snarl we all know and hate.

Well, at least lunch break will make up for it right? Guess again.

Think your stomach is empty? Check your wallet.

After scarfing down some nasi putih, sup kosong and telur dadar, we’re back on the bike, back to our jobs and the cycle continues. No wonder most of us have nihilistic tendencies.

While the song itself is a hit, even getting plays on Era FM, and there’s some awesome guitar shredding by the end, the true crowning glory is its music video.

Not only did they realistically depict the majority of our struggles but they even got a few Malaysians to sing-along through the pain. Funny, relatable and catchy, ‘Gaji Sikit’ is a tale as old as time, but it doesn’t make it any less true today.

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