We Love These 7 Local Bands For Covering Raya Songs That Cure Our Raya Blues

source: Berita Harian

With interstate travels still prohibited during Hari Raya, many of those celebrating are left dejected at the news. Granted, the government does allow 20 of our closest family members to come over for the celebration, but it’s just not the same as being at our kampung and enjoying the fresh breeze while we watch fireworks erupt beautifully, albeit illegally, in the sky.

Malaysians are definitely feeling the Hari Raya blues which has captured the attention of our local bands and artistes. Since most of them are unable to fully embrace Raya as well, it’s only natural for them to cover some quintessential Raya songs to reignite that Raya spirit.

Here are some of our favourites!

1. Spooky Wet Dreams

Sayang, tolong buatkan abang Rendang? 

Spooky Wet Dreams dedicate an alt-rock tribute to the Raya classic, ‘Suasana Hari Raya’ by Malaysian music veteran, Sharifah Aini whilst decked-out in their finest Raya attire.

2. Kyoto Protocol

Maybe Kyoto Protocol are dedicating this song to our PM since he mentioned it specifically in a broadcast. Well, PM Muhyiddin has good taste since ‘Dendang Perantau’ is one of those songs you remember hearing your uncle play with his ancient radio while its propped on the trunk of his car.

To listen to their full rock cover, click here.

3. Arm-Punk Sindicate

Other than covers, some local bands have written their own Raya songs to fill that void in our hearts during this difficult time. Arm-Punk Sindicate wrote ‘Punk Ku Raya’ while confined in their homes to show that just because we’re physically apart, it doesn’t mean we can’t spend the holidays together in spirit.

So, wipe your tears away because “kita punk, kita relax sahaja!” 

4. Iqbal M

Iqbal M reshared his Raya original on Twitter but has yet to release the full song. Well, we might see it completed this year since we’ll be spending our Raya jamming alone rather than with our family… Cue the sad violin (or acoustic guitar)!

5. Mafidz

Feed your ears to this gorgeous, lilting cover of P. Ramlee’s classic ‘Suara Takbir‘ by local indie band Mafidz. The video is also a beautifully shot POV of how most of us spend our Raya – with prayers, food and good music.

6. Margasatwa

Check out this Nusantara psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll band’s cover of Ramli Sarip’s classic ‘Ramdhan dan Syawal‘. Sadly, there isn’t a coinciding music video for us to enjoy but I guess we can just close our eyes and imagine ourselves chilling dekat kampung while munching on dodol as a visual.

7. Ben’s B*tches

A typical Ben’s B*tches intermission (source: All is Amazing / Urbanscapes)

Rounding up our list are veteran KL satire-punk underdogs Ben’s B*tches and their original Raya song, ‘Selamat Hari Raya aka Lemang Ku Kaya Raya’ which celebrates multicultural Malaysia by relating the joys of an outsider experiencing Hari Raya for the first time – including getting pampered by mak ciks to the point where they’re literally spoon-feeding (suap) you.


There’s an air of sadness surrounding these year’s upcoming Hari Raya celebration, but fret not, because technology exists and there are plenty of fun ways to video call with family members and still feel connected.

If you still feel like something’s missing even when these awesome covers are playing in the background, try baking some kuih raya to fill that void.

With that said, JUICE hopes you stay healthy, stay at home and have a great Hari Raya!

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