Wait, There Are Awesome Songs on TikTok? Why Didn’t You… Say So?

By now, I think it’s time we admit that K-Camp’s ‘Lottery’ (better known as Renegade) and Doja Cat’s ‘Say So’ has been engrained into our minds whether we like it or not.

I find myself idly doing the Renegade dance at odd hours of the day simply because I know the movements more than I know my second cousins. At times, when I’m zoning out, I hear ‘Say So’ and ‘Savage’ echoing my mind, subconsciously pushing my body forward to press that button and record a TikTok. For others, it might not be as dramatic and all-consuming but still, we’re all obsessed!

However, it seems like we’re only giving attention to certain songs from these so-called TikTok famous artistes. It’s honestly because we only hear 10-second clips from them and we never think to check their other stuff out. In actuality, some of their songs are pretty good…

So, here are our favourite artistes that deserve more than 10 seconds of your time. Who knows? Maybe you can create a new dance during this quarantine and go viral! Don’t forget to thank me though…

1. Doja Cat – Amala

source: squarespace-cdn.com

A heavy hitter when it comes to her popularity on TikTok, Doja Cat was not always as universally adored as she is now. She rose to fame because of her weird ‘Moo!’ music video that went viral and from then on, people sorta assumed she was a joke. But when Hot Pink hit, even critics called her the next big thing due to her unique sound and charisma in her performances.

What y’all didn’t know was that her album Amala had just as many bops when compared to Hot Pink. Staying true to her hypersexualised sonic style, Amala has many sexy songs that are perfect for when you’re with your significant other (through Facetime of course since we’re practicing social distancing- and celibacy). Ultra fun and catchy, Amala deserves your time and maybe your dance moves.

My favourites include.. honestly, I love all of them. I recommend the whole album. No BS!

2. BigKlit – Klitorious B.I.G

source: undergroundundergods.com

Known for her bad b*itch anthem, ‘Liar’, that had all the pretty girls acting up, BigKlit is still serving that same vibe with her 2019 release Klitorious B.I.G (clever). Her riot rap sound is guaranteed to make you feel like a bad b*tch and the lyrics are extra vulgar with a ton of IDGAF attitude.

I get it, her sound is not for everyone since the vulgarity is amped to the highest degree and it’s technically not something you can play in the car while your mom is in the passenger seat, but I highly recommend it regardless because it’s not everyday that you get an artiste who is unapologetically sexual and offbeat without it seeming fake or obnoxious. I mean, do you know anybody else that starts off their album with an interlude of them just taking a sh!t? Didn’t think so…

The songs are genuinely catchy and fun which is why BigKlit is on this list. My favourites include: Glik, That Bitch, Make Me Feel, Str8 Drop, Duh, Shutup Bitch and No Cares.

3. Sub Urban – Thrill Seeker

source: rebelmouse.io

King of creepy sounds, Sub Urban’s ‘Cradle’ was used all over TikTok for those deranged POVs where hot boys slather fake blood on their faces and pull a finger gun to shoot impending mafia bosses… I know that was very specific, but if you’re a frequenter of TikTok, you know exactly what the hell I’m talking about. Sometimes, these TikTok teens come-up with pretty gruesome scenarios that would have Martin Scorsese shaking his head…

Anyway, Sub Urban’s signature soft vocals are spliced with an eerie female voice vocalising to add to the creepy sound that you’ll probably hear in recent horror movies. He also makes use of simple instruments to complement the minimalistic style of his songs. The focus is the aura of creepiness that, for some reason, I love. His 2020 release, Thrill Seeker, integrates carnival noises to add to his unique brand of unsettling especially since It: Chapter 2 was such a big hit in 2019.

Here are my faves from the album: ‘Freak’ and ‘Cirque’.


source: esplanade.com

Let’s kick it back with SALES… You may know them from the ‘Chinese New Year’ challenge that went viral on TikTok which even I partook in (don’t look for it) but they have many other songs that are just as chill and addictive. The soft and sweet vocals of the female lead makes SALES the perfect artiste to play on repeat when you’re going for a night drive with your loved one. Granted, now that we’re in quarantine, you can just close your eyes and pretend you’re in a car, sorry.

source: squarespace-cdn.com

With SALES LP, the vibe is pretty much the same with their aforementioned viral song but a lot more slowed-down and softer, reminding me of the likes of The XX, Lykke Li and The Marias. Criminally underrated, I think SALES has the potential to gain a cult following, similar to the artistes I just mentioned. All you gotta do is stream them!

My favourites from SALES LP are: ‘Trapped in a Club’, ‘Best Times’, ‘Pope Is a Rockstar’ and ‘Thurs 6-25’

5. Ramz – Blockbuster

source: amazonnews.com

Are you a fan of Road Culture?

If you are, you’ll probably enjoy Ramz. You’ve probably heard his song, ‘Barking’, which is one of the first viral songs on TikTok. He’s a lot more than that though. Integrating that signature South London sound which we all have come to love, Blockbuster is grime at its most modern and it’s a shame that it’s been diluted to just one song.

source: voice-online.co.uk

But you can easily change that by listening to Ramz on Spotify and possible catalysing a new TikTok trend. I mean, you know the saying, when life gives you COVID-19, you make TikToks. Quick maths, bruv!

My favourites from Blockbuster are: ‘Family Tree’ and ‘Praise You’

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