Rapper Lil Yachty Is Selling Bathing Ape Toilet Paper

Who got them BAPE wipes? Lil Boat! source: GQ

Ever since the whole Coronavirus outbreak began, toilet paper has become a real hot commodity. All over the world, crowds of people have been raiding their local supermarkets to panic-buy what seems like a quarantine essential. While some sought out these items, others have filled the shoes to provide such wares like rapper Lil Yachty.

Earlier this week, Yachty took to Instagram explaining how he’s going broke (despite just releasing a song called ‘Oprah’s Bank Account’, which was meant to be a metaphor on describing particularly fine women). As a means of re-stacking his racks (amassing more wealth for you older folk), he posted a photo of some limited Bathing Ape branded toilet paper to sell off.

Yeap, you read that right. $500 (RM2,179.05) for some toilet paper. He might have a point about it being a “rare necessity currently” seeing how toilet paper seems to be all the rage as of late. And in his defence, it is made by the BAPE so I guess that adds to the rarity.. But are you kidding me? $500 dollars for something to wipe your a$$ with??

Personally, I respect the hustle and I know without a doubt that there are people out there willing to buy those rolls and the fact that Lil Yachty is the one selling them probably adds to the value. On that note however, the people who’d willingly spend $500 dollars on four rolls of branded toilet paper are the same hypebeasts who’d spend money on Supreme bricks.

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I get collecting then reselling and all that good stuff but if you’re gonna buy those rolls and then use them, you better make damn sure every inch of those BAPE rolls are used to the fullest extent. But hey, ain’t my money that’s being spent.

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