Beautiful Illustrations Depicting The Fight Against Coronavirus


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THE WAR ON COVID-19STARTS NOW #covid19 #covid19malaysia #selfdistancing #washyourhands

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(Illustration above by JUICE’s video editor-graphic designer, Kid)

Looks like Covid-19’s got the entire world shook at this point. Rightfully so as this pandemic has claimed 7,177 lives with a staggering 183,319 confirmed cases worldwide as I’m writing this post. On a brighter note, about 79,908 people have ‘recovered’ and I put that in inverted commas because there’s no actual cure or vaccine for the moment but regular treatments to those infected have shown to help a lot.

You can check a live update of the current statistics involving Coronavirus but as the title suggests, this post is to depict some lovely illustrations done by various artists on ways to combat, prevent and ultimately keep yourself as safe as possible from the risk of getting infected. In troubling times such as these, it’s anyone’s guess how some people can craft the most breathtaking, sometimes humorous pieces of art.

Do take note that most of the following illustrations were commissioned by online publication Hypebeast in an effort to promote ways of dealing with the outbreak, dispelling false information regarding it and, most of all, to showcase the steps that each of these artists would and have taken in order to manage daily life in the current panic-stricken world we live in.

1) Andrew Pulig


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Wash up, tune out the noise, make some tea, then hit the projects and books you’ve been putting off.

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2) David Park


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I’m on Hypebeast! Thank u @hypebeastart

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3) Eric Friedensohn


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“Social distancing” 〰️ Seems like we could all use a little extra (virtual) connection and support right now. I know I do… . Wishing you strength, safety and sanity as everything in our cities closes down and we stay quarantined in our little bubbles. . We will get through this separately and together. ❤️ My DM’s are open if you need someone to talk to. . . . . #socialdistancing #quarantine #efdot #illustration #illustrator #covid19 #coronavirus #hypebeastart #hypebeast #thedesigntip #handdrawing #palmlines #palmreading #ipadart #digitalillustration #makeitonmobile #procreateapp #opart #opticalillusion #humanart #handart #highfive #coronavirüsü #washyourhands #alonetogether #flattenthecurve #stayhome

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4) Gerald Feliciano

5) Greg Mike

6) Mark Paul Deren


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Wash your WEEN to stay clean! @hypebeastart @hypebeast

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7) Miranda Yokota


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[SF TEXT BOOK]ARTWORK for @hypebeastart @hypebeast CORONA PROJECT with 15artist . . I’m participating in @hypebeastart @hypebeast @keithestiler CORONA PROJECT with 15 STARartists of art!!! I can’t believe this situation! Thank you so much !!❤️ . AND This art work has so many goverment problem !! But If you don’t know why this corona pandemic happens, you can’t understand this art work!! But if you check throughout this work, maybe you can know a little bit about essence of it I think this artwork , OVER 50years, everyone will think about it and you will so so shock!! but it is just my DREAM but it is not just like a JOKE . . . . . #hypebeast #hypebeastar #mirandayokota #corona #walkingdead #normanreedus #art #artgaller #daryldixon #art #collector #japanese #arts # #japaneseartist #contemporaryart #artcollector #japanartist #japaneseartwork #japanesearts #artgallerys #cartoon #artgalleries #collectors #collect #artcollector #complexcon #stp #artcollectorsofig #artcollective #japanesegirl

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8) Rannel Ngumuya


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Convos with Corona

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9) Sean Kushner

10) Stickymonger


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Yup n Yup. @hypebeastart

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These are but a few of the artists featured on Hypebeast’s article. Check out their website to see the full rundown of featured artworks alongside narration by each artist on the meanings of these beautiful illustrations in addition to some thoughts they have regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. Don’t forget to follow their Instagrams too for more amazing artwork!

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