VIDEO: This SG Hip-Hop Group is Giving Us Kung-Fu Trap with ‘FENGSHUI’

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Just when you thought Chinese New Year was fading out, the time has come to spark up those fireworks once again because Yeti Pack from Singapore have just dropped their latest single, ‘FENGSHUI’. The hip-hop/rap quartet that consists of RVND, Afro Junior, Yellow Dicaprio and Rush Martines decided to start their 2019 with this oriental trap banger.

Definitely diverse, the group is made out of three different races, yet they manage to interweave their styles to create bopping tunes with killer bars.

Although these four rappers have been disseminating singles over the span of 2018, they really kicked off after releasing ‘Broke AF‘ as a group where they combined traditional Asian influence, comedy and Southern drill music – basically what they refer to as kung-fu trap. Haiiyaak!

With ‘FENGSHUI’, they’re boasting East-Asian-esque plucks and synths reminiscent of Higher Brothers’ ‘Made In China’, with Three 6 Mafia’s flow, and Big Shaq’s comedic sensibilities.

According to these boys, they are aiming to misappropriate culture and subculture in hopes of bringing back wit and zest to music, an element which they believe has been lost over the years. We guess it’s okay considering Afro Junior is half-Asian and half-African (hence, ‘Hei Ren’ his own single where he raps in Chinese). So, don’t panic the woke demographic of Twitter!

Check out ‘FENGSHUI’ music video down below:

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