Flowers Are Boring! Here Are Some Unusual Bouquets You Can Get for V-Day

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While searching the net to find a bouquet of flowers to gift our BAE for Valentine’s, we stumbled upon fried chicken wrapped up bouquet-style. Yeap! Someone is really out there gifting their loved ones with fried chicken straight up from KFC (we think) wrapped all fancy for a special occasion. Imagine if you were given that, now that’s true love. It was then decided by us, being the love gods we are, that flowers are sinfully boring…

This got us thinking.. is there anything else out there that’s as quirky yet cute as this. Apparently there is and you can find ’em all in KL alone. So here you go! The list of ‘unusual Valentine’s bouquet providers’ you thought you didn’t need but now want…

1. Fried Chicken = LOVE  – Surprise by Sarang Planner

(source: Surprise by Sarang Planner FB)

2. Live out your Lana Del Rey dreams with the rokok bouquet – Bbyuflowers

(source: Bbyuflowers FB)

3. Party with the beer bouquet – Sy.Fluer

(source: Sy.Fluer IG)

4. Here’s one for the vegans! – Bbyuflowers

(source: Bbyuflowers FB)

5. Addicted to McD like the rest of us? Try this bouquet.. – OhBalloon

(source: Oh Balloon)

6. Bonus bouquet! – DIY

So which one do you think suits your crush the most? Now, if you want extra points and personalisation, then DIY it yourself. Simply get creative and figure out what your special one wants this V-day. Just look at this one example we found of a bouquet that was made out of… petai and budu? Kelantan is shaking…

source: Kampusuols)

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