VIDEO: Hantu Caught ‘Littering’ in Car Pulled Up from Gombak Ditch

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(source: Twitter)

Not only do we have to deal with human beings littering trash everywhere, now we have to bring awareness to the ghost realm? Perhaps our OG local pontianak who is also an environmentalist, Maya Karin AKA Mother of Turtles can teach this apparition a thing or two.

In case you missed it, a viral clip posted on Twitter shows a ghost throwing out what looks like a black cloth in a Perodua Viva that was being pulled out of a ravine at an old Gombak road that leads to Genting Sempah.

In the short video, you could see a skinny, long, pale skeleton-like hand “littering” from the back seat of the car. The hand then slowly slips back into the darkness inside the car right after. Eee.. takot.

Don’t believe us? Check out the video yourself:


Sceptic netizens were quick to call out the video by stating that it’s probably a branch or debris being pushed out.

Some even speculated that it must have been one of the tow truck guys sitting in the back to make sure the pull goes smoothly, and there’s even a netizen who said that it could be a Gibbon since the area has lots of these primates.

(source: Twitter)

While all the theories were being thrown out, one Twitter user who claimed to be the cousin of the Viva owner insisted that is was, in fact, a ghost. *JENG JENG JENG!*

She tweeted in a thread stating that, before the accident happened, her cousin and friends ate a restaurant that was 500 meters away from the ravine. Once they were done eating, they got in the car and when the engine started running, the car was immediately pulled on its own and led down into the ditch.

She continued by saying that they all managed to get out of the car and climbed their way up to ask for help. She’s not so sure of what’s being tossed out but her cousin stated to her that it’s a car carpet at the back.

(source: WOB)

The Twitter user claimed that one week before this, another lorry driver had an accident at the same spot but the body was not found. But weirdly enough, the body was ONLY found on the morning of her cousin’s accident.

Or.. this could all be bullsh*t and the OP just wanted some internet fame. Whether you want to believe it or not, that’s totally up to you.

P/S: We like to think that the hantu is a collector and wanted the car carpet as a cheeky souvenir. You know, ’cause passengers in the backseat keep kicking the carpet under the driver’s seat (it happens).

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