This Disney Animated Short Shows Mickey & Donald Cooking Malaysian Food

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(source: Disney)

For someone who’s been around for 90 years, we’d expect Mickey Mouse to do some travelling, learn new cultures and maybe pick up some new career (what does a mouse do for a living anyway?).

In the latest Disney Animated Shorts, Mickey Mouse and his old time buddy Donald Duck go local by selling Malaysian food, hawker style! In the short, Mickey Mouse operates a BBQ satay stall next to Donald, who’s selling roti canai.

(source: Disney)

Goofy seems like a matsalleh bagpacker, complete with his 60L bagpack and Hawaiian shirt looking to indulge in some local food. As these shorts go, a conflict is bound to happen.

Mickey and Donald fights over Goofy’s patronage and perform culinary stunts to showcase which food is better, and we Malaysians know, the two are as great as each other. Watch the short below:

At the end, Goofy turns into a ball of food coma and when the two hawkers take out the receipts. He has no money, it turns out, as he empties his pockets for Donald and Mickey to behold.

This short may be a good way to localise these famous American character to appeal even more to locals, but watching its ending kinda illustrates what’s happening in South East Asia with the absurd amount of begpackers passing by.

Y’all know Disney always has subliminal messages…

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