Marina Bay Sands Singapore Invites You To An Interactive & Immersive Wonderland

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Celebrated in every variation of the media and entertainment, Alice in Wonderland is an eternal It Girl of pop culture. Birthed from the inner workings of Lewis Carroll and the evergreen Through The Looking Glass novel, this heroine has been celebrated for many years and deemed the ringleader into fantastical literature.

With the novel gorgeously illustrating magical worlds and creatures, its prose has quickly been adapted into many movies by different filmmakers. It’s safe to say that Alice will live on in the hearts of those who consume pop culture.

source: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Due to how beloved this character is, Marina Bay Sands’ ArtScience Museum has commenced a whimsical Wonderland as an homage. Here, over 300 artefacts and objects related to the well-loved protagonist are displayed to show viewers how directors and filmmakers extracted material from the adored book to create their own derivative of the fairytale. This includes books, drawings, costumes, lantern projectors, animation, puppetry and other mediums.

This is what Executive Director of ArtScience Museum, Honor Harger, had to say,

“Wonderland invites visitors to take a trip through the looking glass into an immersive, enchanted world. This extraordinary exhibition spectacularly conjures up the surprising and magical world of Alice and her adventures. In Wonderland, the more curious visitors are, the more they will discover. So, to draw out the inherent curiosity in all of us, ArtScience Museum has developed an original educational workshop based on Alice’s inquisitive character and questioning mind. Participants will be encouraged to use science, mathematics and logic to explore iconic scenarios in the Wonderland tales and use their creativity to craft their own ending to the stories. This hands-on workshop blends art, literature, science and role-play, underscoring ArtScience Museum’s commitment to providing interdisciplinary educational pathways into our exhibitions for visitors of all ages.”

source: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Designed to encapsulate the feeling of journeying through Wonderland, the event of the same name is presented in 10 sections inspired by the original source material and its sequel. After hundreds of years, the immense history behind the novels will be palpable through the immersive cultural, technological and social experience.

To make things interesting, the Wonderland experience doesn’t start when you walk through the doors. On the contrary, ArtScience Museum sparks your anticipation for the event by sending you a short character quiz on Facebook to determine which Alice in Wonderland character you are prior to your visit. Then, at the exhibit, guests will pick up one of four copies of Lost Map of Wonderland which will correspond to the archetypal characters at Wonderland.

source: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

It’s the year 2019, otherwise known as the zenith of interactive media with the rise of VR and AI technology. Profiting off the newness of these trends, Sandpit, a developer, has created the Lost Map of Wonderland to trigger a unique exhibition experience through audio, video and interactive content. The paramount of the event is The Queen’s Croquet Ground which allows visitors to be brought to life digitally through a projection on a large wall.

source: Marina Bay Sands Singapore

On the same vein, Wonderland offers a myriad of other activities and exhibits for guests to wander around and participate in. Most notably, the workshop A Hat-trick of Clever Tricks aims at disproving three impossible phenomenas in Wonderland. This integrates the guests ability to recall the narrative of Alice’s adventures and develop their own ending.

Enough storytelling, here is the price range for the entry tickets:

If you’re even remotely familiar with Alice in Wonderland, this event is definitely worth checking out for its unique premise. To get you excited, here are more pictures from the event.

Wonderland runs from 13 April to 22 September 2019.

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Main image: @artscimuseum on Twitter

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