MAU Brings ‘Luth Theatre’ To Life With An Empowering Survivor Story On CSA

Date Sat, 20th Apr '19
Time 3pm - 10pm
Venue Black Box, Publika

With the rise of Malaysia’s child sexual abuse cases in recent years, it’s no a brainer that advocates for protection of our children have popped up. Among those groups, Monsters Among Us: Youth Advocates (MAU) is a youth organisation that is against child sexual abuse and they will be conducting their very first stand-alone charity theater this Saturday, 20 April.

‘LUTH Theatre’ will have two sessions at 3.30pm and another one at 8.30pm.

The organisation believes that it is imperative for our community today to have a fair amount of understanding of this issue to prepare themselves as supporters and protectors for children and even survivors around us.

Instead of focusing so much on the predator, MAU wants to educate our community on the psychological impacts that a survivor might go through when experiencing child sexual abuse. Maybe by attending ‘LUTH Theatre’, we can grow to a more kinder and compassionate person.

To give you a hint of what the show is like, here is what we know:

It’ll be about Luth and Diena who found each other in a place that they call ‘home’. Later, Luth’s father dies, and he finds himself haunted by the passing. With the turn of events, a ‘new’ Luth emerges from the shadows to bring uncertainty to the devout bedrock that the old Luth once had.

The tie to Diena is also challenged as they now struggle to find out whether their ‘home’ remains intact or is now skewed.

If you want to know more, you’ll have to catch the show itself! They will be discussing serious topics that might trigger the audience, so please keep that in mind.

For more details, visit their event page, here

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