This SG Lady Refused to Wear a Mask & Started Cursing People Who Gave Her Advice


A Singaporean lady, who strikingly resembles Pooja of the Pooja what is this behaviour? meme, refused to wear a mask while at the wet market, which raised concern from numerous other patrons.

According to Mothership, she was dressed in a purple top and first seen shouting at another woman, telling her to mind her own business after allegedly showing her the middle finger. The other woman was trying to advise her to wear a mask but was told off by the purple top lady who said, “You shouldn’t tell other people what to do.” Again, this is some major Pooja behaviour she is exhibiting…

The other woman replied colloquially, “What [do you mean] mind our own business? This is our country!” Before it got out of hand, the confrontation ended… but I’m sure there were more jabs exchanged because another video of the same purple top woman has surfaced in a different sticky situation.

In this video, she isn’t as bold, now shielding her face from the camera. When the people around her insisted she wore a mask, she got defensive and started referring to a previous incident where she didn’t wear a mask and got off scot-free. She said, “I’ll show you a video of the police, here! Same thing, trying to stop me. They walked off, without a warning, without a fine.”

While saying this, she is seen holding on a man’s phone for dear life, presumably stopping him from recording her public outburst. She continued, “I’m a sovereign! See, this is something people are not gonna know what it means. They don’t even know what being a sovereign means. It means I have nothing to do with the police.”

Public Warning is one of the best albums of all time, tqvm. (source: Dailymotion)

Now, that’s unfair. We do know what a sovereign is, especially a Lady Sovereign due to her 2006 hit single ‘Love Me or Hate Me’, but who uses that term to refer to themselves anymore? Is she claiming that the rules and laws of Singapore don’t apply to her?

A man present replied saying, “That doesn’t make any sense. If you’re a person in Singapore, you have to follow Singaporean rules.” Plus, everyone knows that Singapore is a FINE country

Of course, Pooja’s clone retorts with an iconic line, that I’m sure will become a meme, by saying, “That’s the thing. I’m not a person. I’m, we, the people.”

Well then, we’re sorry for not knowing you identify as the entire nation of Singapore. I guess we never knew there was a version of Unity from Rick & Morty in our universe…

Anyway, it turns out knockoff-Pooja isn’t all above the law since the incident with the police she mentioned actually did result in her getting fined. What makes things worse is that she exhibited the same Pooja behaviour then as she did now. The situation even got to a point where a police officer took out his handcuffs to arrest her.

All in all, don’t be a Pooja. Show a little humility and respect for the law by staying at home and doing your part to help the frontliners. The more responsible we are, the closer we will be to flattening the curve.

Stay safe & stay home!

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