Man Gets Caught on the Roof Fleeing from an Affair

Ramadhan is an odd time to be engaging in rooftop parkour, isn’t it?

At 12:45am, a man attempted to flee from police Pablo Escobar-style when he used the roof of his mistress’s bathroom as an escape route.

According to Harian Metro, the 58-year old man was arrested at his 46-year old mistress’ home, both parties are married but not to each other. The woman was apparently even living with her 13-year old daughter.

The woman involved being interviewed. (source: Berita Harian)

The man was caught due to a report saying that he was in close proximity (khalwat) with a woman he was not married to. Once officials received the complaint, they stormed the house and found his desperate attempt to escape. It was further revealed that he had been staying there for multiple days.

When questioned regarding his motives of visiting the woman, he said he was there to teman her bersahur. Yes, because God forbid she accidentally chokes on a kurma and you’re not there to valiantly save her…


The police persisted and asked about his marital status. The man answered that there are “complications” with his current marriage that prevents him and his mistress from living together. In this case, I think ‘monogamy’ is the entity that is keeping this romance from fulfilling its fullest potential.

As of now, they are being charged with Section 25 Syariah Criminal Offences (Kedah Darul Aman) Enactment 2014. If convicted, they could be facing RM3,000 in fines or 2 years in prison.

Heed this advice, don’t try visiting your girlfriend/boyfriend during this time with petty excuses like “nak teman sahur” ornak bagi kek batik because I promise you, it’s not worth the jail time.

Stay safe at home!

Main image: Instagram @storror

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