This Restaurant at I-City Uses Robots to Serve You Nasi Lemak to Minimise Contact With Staff

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source: Tiktok @nuaryusli

When you think of advanced technology and robots, you’ll immediately think of places like Japan, and you would be right, but did you know that there are robots in Shah Alam as well?

Pay a visit to NALE The Nasi Lemak Co. in I-City mall and you’ll find robots swerving around tables, serving you food.

These robots are used not only to compensate for the lack of manpower during the pandemic but also to encourage social distancing between servers and customers.

The way it works is that the server will input the table number into the robot and off it goes, zooming to you with your meal. Well, maybe zooming isn’t the right word since it moves pretty slowly and steadily, keeping your food and drinks intact.

Once it arrives, all you have to do is take your meal, confirm that you’ve gotten it by pressing the button and a smiley face will pop-up on the screen.

So, I guess we’ll never witness a disgruntled or sendu server at this restaurant ever again with these robots around… And for all you introverts out there, this will save you from having to make awkward conversation with the waiter.

Of course, there are more benefits to contactless delivery than just avoiding small talk. During a global pandemic, maintaining social distancing is integral in curbing the spread of the virus.

Countries such as Netherlands, China, South Korea and the U.K. have already implemented this method in various eateries to adhere to the regulation. So, it’s about time Malaysia followed suit.

To all of you who are craving for nasi lemak right now and interested in being served by a robot, feel free to check out NALE The Nasi Lemak Co.’s Facebook page here.