These Adorable Animatronics Can Serve You Ice-Cream, Talk To You & Encourage Social Distancing

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Connected Robotics Co., Ltd. Exhibition Soft serve ice cream robots are now  available at CAFERES JAPAN! - Japan NEWS

With every passing hour, the world is getting more futuristic in order to keep up with the requirements demanded by the coronavirus pandemic. Not only are technological advancements made within the medical industry with jetpacks and smart face masks, but the food and beverage industry is also included in the list of achievements.

Recently, a Japanese company, Connected Robotics, has created animal-looking robots to serve you a cone of perfect soft serve ice-cream in just under 40 seconds.

(Source: SoraNews24)

The way to order the treat is super easy. Customers just have to tap what kind of soft serve flavour they would like from a range of chocolate, vanilla and mixed flavours. Once chosen, they would get a receipt with a code on it and they can scan it on the soft serve machine.

A cone will be released on the side of the machine on the mechanical arm and then positioned under the dispenser where it will rotate gently to get the perfect soft serve shape. Then it’s ready to serve and ready for you to enjoy!

Check out the process below:

The animatronic only has one job, which is to serve customers, whereas the human staff are in charge of other tasks in the store. This idea definitely gets work done faster and more efficiently.

These adorable robot machines come in either a dog or a dinosaur and they even talk to the crowd and wave to customers, as explained by Connected Robotics.

While their main appeal is its cute factor, the device is actually the perfect tool for social distancing between staff and customers due to the zero-contact.

Maybe Malaysia should have some tapirs and tigers serve us our ice-cream?