M’sian Architecture Student Designs A 3D Version Of The Royal Melaka Empire & It’s Stunning

(Source: @ErenaTakeuchi on Twitter)

When it comes to revisiting history, it’s hard to imagine certain elements of it, especially the structure of palaces that existed before our time. So, if you’ve wondered how it might look like, fret not as an architecture student Mohd Faizal Rahmat has created an in-depth and precise depiction of the famous Melaka empire.

The 35-year-old who always had a fond interest in Malaysian architecture continued his studies at Universiti Teknologi Malaysia doing not just any architecture course but a special one that was more focused on history and philosophy. During his fifth year of university, he was tasked to manage a concept design of Melaka as reported by Vocket.

(Source: @ErenaTakeuchi on Twitter)

This opportunity was his big break, as he managed to speak with museum curators, musicians and prominent people in the scene to get an extensive insight of Melaka. Also, his recent design of the 3D Melaka city included the palace, throne and the Royal administrative centre.

(Source @ErenaTakeuchi on Twitter)

Rahmat’s designs have gotten a great amount of attention on social media especially Twitter, as many netizens have been praising his work and how it should be the foundation of a feature film.

Although, Faizal had graduated in 2005 and has been heavily involved in architecture and interior design for 12 years, he does not get enough recognition for his amazing works of art… a problem that most of our local talents face.

If you’d like to support him or even commission him for jobs, you can reach him on Facebook.