PHOTOS: These 13 Malaysians Show The World How The #ZodiacMakeupChallenge is Done!

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All our generation does is relate anything and everything to horoscope signs!

In a world where makeup brands are saturating the beauty industry, makeup enthusiasts nowadays have a plethora of options to choose from. Sure, you could choose your makeup look based on your skin tone, or whatever most recently caught your eye on your Instagram feed… or you could take it to a whole new level of personalisation by tailoring it to your astrological sign.

Take it from these thirteen Malaysian beauty enthusiasts who recently collaborated for the trendy #ZodiacMakeupChallenge.

While we’ve seen plenty of interpretations of celestial glam in the past, these might just be our favourite ones yet. They’re bold with their makeup looks, as they combine editorial makeup and more easily worn trends like faux freckles, cute gems, and iridescent eyeshadow. Still, it’s far from being basic!


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The series combines spot-on readings of each sign’s beauty style and personality with makeup that’s nothing short of mesmerising. Take a look!

1. Aries by @fyi.khoo

Emma has a PhD in Cultural Studies and is a fashion photographer at! When it comes to makeup, she’s largely flexible but prefers magazine-ready beauty editorials, bold colour choices and winged liners. With just a simple scroll on her Insta, you’ll surely be obsessed with all her work!

2. Taurus by @ncavien

Nicole said that she used to only work with dark tones and very little colour when she first started experimenting with makeup. Over the past two years, she started opening up more and experimenting with different colours, but no matter what – she’ll always give her looks a hint of darkness.

3. Gemini One by @fradaline

Faris has a diploma in Bakery & Pastry, but he can also cook up a cool makeup look and we’ll eat it all up! He says that he tends to be driven by what is interesting to him when it comes to inspiration. As a baker, details are important and the details for this makeup is just *heart eyes*!

4. Gemini Two by @kailective

Kai Ni said that her personal aesthetic is a mix of realistic, yet artistic graphics and glamour but with bold colours. She’s definitely detail-oriented and constantly shifting into avant-garde styles.

5. Cancer by @minghui.psd

Ming Hui is a graphic design student and when she’s not working at a digital agency, she graphic designs her face. Her aesthetic tends to lean towards avant-garde and editorial, and she’s constantly killing it with her graphic liner looks!

6. Leo by @afierhm

Versatility Chic! Afie loves trying new things whether it’s just a natural glam look, abstract art or even new things to stick on her face. Plus, she has an educational background in Fashion too. Whew, a multi-talented queen!

7. Virgo by @thenicksterrr

Nick has a diploma in makeup artistry but he’s mainly self-taught. He took a leap of faith and joined a professional makeup brand where Nick’s artistry skills were grown and sharpened. He started off as an avant-garde and fantasy artist where “more is more” but for the past few years, he said that his makeup has changed to a minimalistic and sleek approach. That’s when editorial beauty became Nick’s forte!

8. Libra by @juliannesebastian

Julienne is a banker by day and a baddie by night! This zodiac look was mainly inspired by a portrait of facial symmetry which perfectly portrays Libra’s obsession with equilibrium in all areas of life. She strives to create contemporary content that beginners and professionals alike can appreciate and relate to. We definitely did!

9. Scorpio by @danialdenied

Here’s another talented beauty enthusiast with a fashion background. Danial says that he doesn’t conform to a certain aesthetic. Most of the time, he does his makeup randomly whenever an idea springs up!

10. Sagittarius by

Martiana is a graphic design student who is also a makeup enthusiast and has her own local jewellery business called Sangon & Co. While she’s slowly getting herself more into special effects(SFX) makeup, her focus is still on perfecting her eyeshadows, body-painting and sticking stuff on her face. Her mantra is, “My face is my own canvas”.

11. Capricorn by @mandyleighxmua

This freelance makeup artist knows what she’s doing with this powerful look! Her personal aesthetic is said to be very goth and dark. When it comes to the Halloween season, make sure to look out for this one cause she’ll be bringing out the SFX!

12. Aquarius by @khushhmua

Professional makeup and hairstylist who also has a background in business makes Khushboo somewhat unstoppable! She finds inspiration by watching videos of makeup gurus, influencers, and professional MUAs on Youtube and Instagram. Khusboo describes her aesthetics as avant-garde, editorial, and creative.

13. Pisces by @candicearterly

Candice also has a fashion design background and she loves to bring the glam into her looks! Her creativity and attention to detail made her explore and experiment with negative space, liners and 3D objects for her creation. We can’t stop looking at this zodiac interpretation from her, especially that scaly “skin”!

Now that you’ve seen it all, make sure to follow these gorgeous talents for more stunning makeup lewks!

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