Local Charity, Bad Cat Club Promotes Kindness Through Their Art & New Zine, “Animals Are Not Criminals”

Cats have been accepted in society as gods and agents of chaos (mostly Oyens) but we can all agree that they’re just fluffy stress-relievers that deserve love and protection.

Established in 2017, Bat Cat Club is a local independent charity club that celebrates and helps stray animals, especially cats and dogs, providing them with food, sterilisation, treatments and medicine.

They do this by selling their cute and affordable handicrafts like tote bags, handmade sculptures, and stickers that display universal messages to always be kind.

“The idea is to express our interest in art and our love for animals with something meaningful,” a group member told JUICE in a chat.

Recently, they’ve released their first ‘zine, Haiwan Bukan Kriminal Issue 01 (Animals Are Not Criminals) that contains info on animals, poems, essays, doodles and more.

The zine is yet another effort by club to bring the message to the community about the importance of loving all kinds of animals, even if they’re from the streets.

Apart from their art, they participate in volunteer programmes at local animal shelters and welcome anyone from the public to actively join these events.

Currently, Bad Cat Club is a small team that operates from the members’ individual homes but have plans in the future to expand and recruit members from different states. “The main mission is to help animals, wherever you are,” a member told us.

For a tiny team, they have a big heart! You can show your support by following Bad Cat Club on Instagram or buy a merch or two. #BuyToDonate.

Photos: Bad Cat Club