Netizens Are Going Crazy Over An Adorable Resident Black Cat At This Shell Petrol Station

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( Source: @shyanshyanlee2 on Twitter)

There’s nothing particularly exciting about petrol stations considering that its only purpose is to provide fuel for drivers. However, the Shell Station at Jalan 222, Petaling Jaya is gaining traction due to a certain resident black cat called Hei Hei.

Most cats aren’t particularly active on social media but Hei Hei is apparently taking over Twitter by storm with an account made by its owner.

In the photos on Twitter, Hei Hei can be found lingering around the petrol station and sitting near the petrol pumps, accompanying drivers as the fill up their tanks kinda like the station’s friendly mascot. As if it couldn’t get any cuter, Hei Hei’s collar is different from the others with its bell being a cartoon character, accompanied by two name tags and a red ribbon.

Netizens are going so crazy over Hei Hei that they’re even eager to visit the station just to give it a little pet.

At this point, Hei Hei should be given an official Shell name tag and attire since it’s there all the time to assist people (kinda). No interview needed, give the cutie the job!

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