This Malaysian Boy Wore A Spider-Man Costume For His Quran Recital Class

source: Herman Sudil (Facebook)

A 6-year-old boy from Johor Bahru caught the attention of Malaysians with photos of him dressed as Spider-Man in a Quran recital class. The photos of him dressed as the web-slinger were uploaded by his dad, 42-year-old Herman Sudil on Facebook.

Herman, who works as an entrepreneur said his son, Aiman Khayr just needed to wear a kopiah (skullcap) and Baju Melayu to class, just like every other kid.

However, since Aiman was feeling sick and hurt his legs, he took a leave from school.

source: Herman Sudil (Facebook)

“Because he didn’t go to school yesterday (the day before yesterday), Aiman thought the recital class was also cancelled, but I told Aiman to attend the class because it only takes an hour,” the father told Harian Metro.

Aiman then asked if he could wear the Spider-Man costume.

According to Herman, his teacher Ustaz Ariff Tarmidi Al-Hafiz is a patient man and understands when children are just being children.

“Not to make it a norm for him to wear something like that, but I went along because even though he was sick, he still wanted to learn,” said Herman.

The father said that Aiman is a big fan of superheroes and has a collection of costumes which includes those of Black Panther, Iron Man and Captain America.

source: Herman Sudil (Facebook)

“When he learned how to pray, Aiman had also worn a superhero costume together with a kopiah… To me, Aiman is in the process of learning, just like every other kid and they will be more eager to learn when it’s something they like,” said the father.

One of the reasons why Aiman likes to play dress up, according to Herman, is because he wants to protect his mother and younger sister and because superheroes always help people in need.

Many netizens reacted positively to photos of Aiman in his Spider-Man costume. The post has garnered over 2,000 shares and 1,000 likes on Facebook thus far.