Why Assemble Furniture? Become A Famous Movie Villain Instead With These IKEA Manuals!

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Many of us are familiar with Swedish furniture giant IKEA, especially those who have experienced assembling a piece of furniture from scratch with nothing but a small handbook of instructions to guide the process.

A Virginia-based artist named Ed Harrington took inspiration from the iconic design of an IKEA instruction booklet and made his own series of instruction manuals which teach you how to assemble famous horror movie villains as well as characters from TV shows.

The photos featured in the gallery above are but a few of many different characters with their own personalised instruction booklets. Ed has been posting these illustrations regularly on his Instagram page under the handle @nothinghappenedtoday.

Ed told Boredpanda that he “studied illustration and graphic design at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked as an illustrator/cartoonist/graphic designer for the past 20 years.” The idea to create this series of illustrations came after the thought of creating IKEA instructions for The Human Centipede (yes, that movie) crossed his mind.

Each of the instruction booklets feature a well designed step-by-step guide that is pretty easy to follow. The only problem you’d face would be when acquiring certain hard to find items depending on the character you are trying to assemble.

I mean, you need a well and a VHS tape to build Samara from The Ring… where on earth would you even find a VHS tape?! If you do manage to successfully procure everything and assembly your favourite supernatural character, just make sure you know how to get rid of them beforehand.

Villains and monsters aren’t the only characters that Ed made instructions for, with superheroes such as He-Man and Robocop having their own assembly guides.

If one thing’s certain, it’s evident that Ed Harrington is a fairly talented artist for making this series of beautifully-drawn illustrations that could pass off as legitimate IKEA instruction booklets.

source: BoredPanda

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