This Haunted House is So Scary, They’ll Pay You $20,000 If You Survive!


We have all had our fair share of haunted houses in our lives, especially when October comes around. From going to student-made houses at local university fairs to the annual Nights of Fright at Sunway Lagoon, some of us like to think of ourselves as fearless horror enthusiasts. However, I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I don’t think any of you would last a minute in the terrifyingly infamous McKamey Manor.


Incorporating some of the scariest horror movie figures in cinematic history as well as exploiting our deepest darkest fears, this haunted house in Nashville, Tennessee and Huntsville, Alabama, would have us Malaysians fly halfway across the world just to catch a glimpse of hell. Even then, you’d have to be over the age of 21 and own a doctor’s note that confirms you are in perfect physical and mental condition.

So, to all of us who spend our days decaying on the couch while we watch The Conjuring franchise for the 6th time, we are probably illegible to join this rigorous course of events. I mean, I’d imagine there’s nothing scarier than suffering a cardiac arrest in a haunted house…

To make things more intimidating, there is a hefty 40-page waiver to sign before you can go on your merry way. Most people don’t even read the Terms of Agreement before updating their phones, so 40 pages full of information pertaining to your safety is definitely pushing it. In addition to that, stoners and the inebriated are prohibited from entering the house. Thought you could eat some shrooms and run around tripping with your friends? Well, you thought wrong, for the owner is very strict when it comes to safety regulations.

If I haven’t made it clear enough that McKamey Manor is not your typical “Woop, gotcha nose” type haunted house, then maybe the video documentary below will further elucidate my point.

Still think you’re up for the challenge? Well, owner Russ McKamey certainly doesn’t think so. In fact, he’s willing to bet $20,ooo on it. Honestly, who could blame him? With a channel on Youtube of all the failed participants’ attempts and hundreds of pictures of crying customers, the never-ending influx of overly-confident tourists will continue to prove his creation to be the most torturous haunted house in the world. As of now, nobody has won the coveted prize. But who knows? Maybe one day Russ would meet someone as sadistic as he is.

So, you still wanna try your luck at the McKamey Manor? Take a look at these images below and tell me you don’t see their souls draining from their eyes. Trigger warning: there’s a lot of blood, creepy crawlers and heart-pounding claustrophobia…

The only advice I’d give to you if you do decide to take on the challenge is to tell your mom and dad you love them… and also to wear brown pants ‘cos you might shit yourself.

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