This Illustrator is Being Haunted by the Ghost of a Little Boy & the Pictures Are Scary AF

Trending posts that centre around daily hauntings are gimmicky, but New York-based illustrator Adam Ellis’ Twitter thread about his encounter with a little (spectral) boy he named Dear David is as legitimate as it gets. Shockingly, it’s not just the story that gave netizens the creeps but also the pictures that go along with it – primarily featuring a child with a dented head (yikes!). What began in August has taken a drastic and disturbing turn for Ellis, with frequent oddities occurring more than usual.

So, this is how it all started:

It didn’t help that during his much-needed trip to Japan, Ellis discovered a statue that shared uncanny similarities to the severed head of Dear David. Nothing more annoying than trying to escape your worst nightmares, only to find an eerie surprise in the middle of a holiday, ay? Poor guy.

After that strange experience in Sapporo, Japan, Ellis returned to New York City in October. He continued to update Twitter on the happenings in his apartment, but just as we’d expect things to get a little better, Ellis posted the most compelling photo evidence yet – and it ain’t good.

Here’s a clearer and brighter image made by another Twitter user:

You gotta be freaking kidding me:

We understand if you’re sceptical about the whole incident, but it doesn’t lessen the creepiness of Dear David, who have caught the interest of many netizens.

To read the entire Twitter thread (complete with photographic and video evidence), click here